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Pile drilling tools

Recently, TMS designed and built a tool for the removal of hard seabed material inside or below mono and/or jacket piles with a diameter of 3 meter. The seabed material is excavated by means of drilling and removed by air-lift. The tool is provided with a high and a low pressure jetting system which is capable of cleaning the pile from any kind of marine growth.

Specifications Pile drilling tool:

tool can operate up to a water depth of 100 meter.

hydraulic clamping arms for inside pile clamping. 

drilling head is provided with crusher rollers (hard steel) or teeth (wear resistant materials) which are exchangeable.

tool is provided with an air-lift system to bring the drilled / dredged material up. 

drill drive can generate a torque of 300 kNm.

depths, rotating speed, drilling torque etc. can be supervised and set from a control cabin on deck. (40ft flat rack)

supplied with a diesel / hydraulic power unit and a hose and cable reel of 4 m diameter.